Cufflinks  Initials, Monograms, Crest's, Coat of Arms & Masonic

925 sterling Silver  Cufflinks in either swivel back or chain links with ornate bar

Sterling silver cufflinks engraved with monograms or initials

Cufflinks Engraved with monograms, Initials

Cufflinks with initials or monograms have been traditionally given as a special gift to men / boys on either their 18th or 21st birthday for generations. 18mm x 13mm oxford oval swivel backs most popular.

Thanks to laser engraving technology, almost any layout or design is possible. Starting from a plain cufflink I can create any design you can draw including complex shapes around the edges of the cufflinks if requested.

For weddings and the like, cufflinks can include other text oround the outside edge, engraved so small you can not be read it with the naked eye, or large and bold ideal for clubs and associations.

The example to your left has the initials in relief, with the background etched away , a little more expensive than traditional initials entwined taking about one hour per cufflink to engrave.

Silver monogrammed cufflinks from £145.00, or in relief from £175.00

9ct yellow gold cufflinks with entwined initials from £245.00

Laser engraved with outstanding detail 

Cufflinks made and engraved bespoke by a hand engraver trying to insure both match perfectly is time consuming, by its nature taking an identical amount of time to engrave the second cufflink as the first.

Laser engraved cufflinks require one drawing, and the time involved putting in the settings , a few minutes positioning and then the machine takes over,  only taking half hour longer to engrave the second cufflink.

From one drawing I  can engrave either in reilef, like the cufflinks on the right , or as a line engraving, closely matching what a hand engraver will do easiest, and also as a deep reverse seal engraving, though most customers prefer a cross between a reverse seal and in relief.

If you are ordering a signet ring with your Coat Of Arms Reverse seal engraved, with a minor edit to the artwork and a little time setting up I can engrave the same design "FOR SHOW" into a pair of cufflinks creating a stunning matching set, all of this for less than 1/2 of the cost of one deep reverse seal engraving onto a signet ring once !

f you are only ordering crest or Coat Of Arms engraved cufflinks the cost will be roughly 50% more than the cost of engraving one ring.

9ct gold Cufflinks Engraved with Family Crest or Coat of arms & company logo's

Greathouse family coat of arms cufflinks

Bespoke Cufflinks with chain and bar
your design engraved into sheet material design cut out by hand , with handmade fittings

Sterling silver or 9ct gold crest engraved chain ink cufflinks

Any design you can draw is possible !

Your design , please preferably send it to me as a LARGE black on white line drawing, although if it is in colour I will still use it, just likely to cost you more. A small image may produce poor results. 

My vector graphics artist will re draw your design , tracing directly from your LARGE  image and then layer the design to suit my laser engraver software.

Your cufflink design is then engraved directly into sheet material, either 9ct or 18ct gold or sterling silver as required, may be 18ct plated later.

Once engraved I will pierce out the design by hand following the guide provided by the machine, and solder a runner / jump ring to the back.

I handmake my 4mm thick solid square bar fittings , with a tidy design at each end filed in by hand to provide a little character fitted with another runner / jump ring.

Three runner rings made from 1mm thick wire make up the connection chain, oval in shape to fit the cufflink through your shirt button holes.

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