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Some suppliers insist on only supplying  die stampings, hand forged 9ct, 18ct gold or Sterling Silver signet rings, because they are simply the best quality money can buy & preferred by hand engravers, for seal and crest engraving, good advice !

Discount stores will often supply cheap light weight cast signet rings (castings)  some imported from India or China, usually very thin, often very brittle, cast over 100 at a time. 

A thin die stamped signet ring  (not all stampings are the same thickness) is far better than a thin casting, because die stampings are made from rolled bullion, compressing a 2 inch thick ingot down to 2 mm thick removes all the porosity and makes the material denser, therefore harder wearing. Likewise casting in smaller quantities is better, singly or about 30 in a tree

My Delft clay cast heavyweight 9ct gold, 18ct gold signet rings are thicker than most, which aids good metal flow have no porosity, but may have very minor surface defects, although seldom worth mentioning will vanish in wear. Most silver are LW castings as per photo

Signet rings made in factories using mass production techniques generally are very uniform, have flattened shank sides often made from stock blanks size Z then sized down causing curvature of the head which generally is made flat using a linisher, the result is often a very thin center of the head making deep crest engraving impossible.

Bespoke signet rings such as my Delft clay castings have a more handmade feel and look to them, not always perfectly uniform, softened  more rounded edges & generally as standard thicker than my competitors signet rings as I am able to defy todays exceptionally high 9 carat & 18 carat gold prices by casting from recycled gold which is cheaper to buy as it arrives as used second hand jewellery from a reliable hatton garden supplier, but also there is no VAT on Scrap gold ! Silver bespoke delft clay rings cast from 50% recycled and 50% new bullion only on request.


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