Lost Wax Casting Making Signet Rings

My Amatuer Video's Made At Just Castings Hatton Garden EC1
Are a little shaky in places , not of the same standard as my signet rings !

At just Castings my moulds are made by one of two processes , this video was of a hot type vulcanised rubber 

Wax Injecting rubber moulds 

It takes approximately 5 minutes for the wax to cool properly before it can be removed from the rubber mould

Vacuum Casting In  a commercial machine 
This sort of equiptment is seldom owned by small manufactures

These machines are far to large and expensive for a small independant manufacture like me
Require experience and care in use , if rushed the results are poor quality often porous, tiny air bubbles making them weak
Just Castings are amongst the best in the UK , I use them for all my bulk heavyweight castings.

A quality lost wax cast & hand finished ring is almost as good as a die stamping 

It really should be recognised that Die Stamping is the best way to make a superior quality signet ring, stamped out flat from refined and rolled out material which removes porocity and makes the metal denser and actually heavier than a casting. HOWEVER not all die stampings are the same they are often stamped out thinner to save money (weight of metal) finished using mass production tools removing excessive material to speed up production & if a ring is to small stretched to make it bigger (thinning shank further) you tend to get what you pay for, cheaper = thinner. 

Lost wax castings have a few benefits from a manufacturing point of view

(A) most of the work has been caried out in producing the master pattern, rubber mould & wax injection processes
(B) when time allows for it (not rushed orders) the wax can be made to your finger size before casting
(C) less wastage of valuable gold or silver 
(D) especially useful for someone like me with Osteoarthritis , less effort finishing the ring ready for engraving
(E) a heavier thicker ring without a join in your finger size costing less than a lighter die stamping with an unecessary join

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