Masonic signet rings and cufflinks in 9ct gold and silver

Above is the masonic square & compass design signet ring I am most renowned for providing on any of my products  £65.00 engraving fee 

Simple Classic & Elegant Gold Signet Rings

Possibly the best value masonic signet ring in the world , these are not mass produced castings from a second generation rubber mould and cast in bulk 100's at a time by lost wax technique & machine finished 

Every masonic signet ring I produce is made bespoke to order, I take one of my superior quality plain signet ring and make it to your finger size first, to avoid damage to the intricate design caused by curving the head when sizing, making an engraved ring either considerably bigger or smaller.

When your order is the correct finger size, prior to polishing I engrave the masonic symbol with or without G on average a depth of 0.70mm sufficient for a lifetime of wear and tare, almost impossible to achieve by either machine diamond dragg engraving or hand engraving.

Finally your signet ring is hand finished and polished , I do not use any mass production techniques to save time, most will also waste metal.

Any design now possible By  Laser Engraving

In April 2014 I purchased my own state of the art YAG FIBER Laser engraving machine, as a result I can now produce any design in the most intricate detail, for the additional cost of  re drawing the design in vector graphics first which  takes a considerable amount of my time.

If like the Gran Lodge or Knights Templar  design's I consider it likely I will get future orders for it, I will absorbe the graphics charge and my time setting up the design in my laser software and instead just charge a set fee for the engraving probably £95.00 in addition to the product to engrave.

The vector graphics may include text around the outside or above & below at no extra charge, these I can add, remove or edit  myself.

The design has to be tested & edited numerous times to perfect

background will be matt white, in 9ct gold a slightly brown contrast 

Most Discreet masonic square and compass logo engraved in shoulders

Thanks to my new YAG FIBER laser engraving machine, and a lot of experimentation I can now offer designs engraved into the shoulders 

This technique provides a discreet method of wearing your masonic symbol on a daily basis , and by engraving the head of your signet ring with your initials , or your family crest or coat of arms it can be worn like any other traditional engraved signet ring 

The symbol is engraved in relief to make it hard wearing, the detail is exceptionally sharp and may be engraved with or without a G as requested

Obviously more time consuming because firstly the engraving has to be performed twice, secondly getting each side both central and at the correct height to match is done by eye not quite as simple as a single head engraving

This design is now listed under masonic jewellery with or without initials

apparently it is almost impossible to find discreet masonic rings most are gaudy

As explained above the majority of Masonic square and compass signet rings are mass produced, often casting an identical design in a casting flask holding 100 or more waxes of the design which are burn't out and then replaced with molten metal a technique called "Lost Wax Casting"

In itself Lost Wax Casting is a good technique independent manufacturers will use a smaller flask holding 4 or five rings, a good commercial caster might cast 40 or so at one time, the very cheap rings imported from India and China tend to be cast in flasks holding HUNDREDS !

The bigger the flask & the more rings cast in one go the cheaper it is, but unfortunately also this is where porosity creeps in, tiny air bubbles which not only appear on the outside of the casting but are often also hidden inside, these bubbles make rings look poor and may be brittle.

This is precicely the reason why rings with fine detail in the design can look poor quality, and often the manufacturers will heavily emboss or carve the outside (usually the carving is integrally cast) to disguise the porosity and hide any other imperfections, then polish less so nothing shows up.

Mass production is what people are used to and it makes my rings look expensive, possibly over priced, however in reality as you are buying directly from an independent manufacturer you are not paying for retail profit, and there is no V A T included in my prices you are therefore getting precicely what you pay for. A superior quality product heavier, thicker, better made, with fine detailed engraving at a fraction of high street prices.

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