About Me , I  Am A One Man Operation

     40 + Years manufacturing now semi-retired 
with  adequate orders via trade and the internet,  I do not under any circumstances have clients to my premises !

Viv, manufacturing jeweller at jewellery bench

Delorean jewellery is an independant business, Just me , working from an air conditioned  log cabin workshop which is 9 ft x 6.5 ft nicknamed "The Tardis" . I do not have the constraints of a traditional business,  a  "Cottage Industry" no rent or business rates to pay, and as I am (Viv) semi retired mainly due to failing health I am no longer able to work 6 days per week or 12 hour days. As a result I have also de-registered from V.A.T so the only VAT you pay is what is included in the bullion I buy and as 80% of my gold products are made from recycled gold (old used jewellery) often there is no  V.A.T included at all.

Signet ring manufacturing has been my passion since my last two years at school when one of the two metal work teachers introduced me to it , working in his lunch breaks making rings and pendants as a side line to sell on, or given to his friends and family as gifts. Watching him cast a  signet ring in cuttlefish bone facinated me .

Over 40 years hence and on a regular basis i often hear my metal work teacher Barry M..... (you know who you are) hollaring at the top of his voice "Foster use your initiative"  thanks you Barry, you got me through life, as a result I came out of school with one CSE in metalwork, little else except the ability to conjour up a solution or a technique all of my own to make, shape and design jewellery, & skills in engineering & woodwork.

Over the past years, I have owned a number of Jewellers shops, and a jewellery workshop in Middlesex, when my brother retired in 2012 the last shop was sold, I have carried on with the one product I most enjoy making in signet rings & the one product which has the most meaning wedding rings, both still well within my ability though I  now have Osteoarthritis. The introduction in 2014 of my New Galvo YAG fiber state of the art laser engraving machine has enabled me to introduce a range of laser engraved cufflinks and pendants , the machine doing most of the work

The trading name Deloreanjewellery comes from my early beginnings, copying what I learnt from watching my metalwork teacher and using my fathers glass blowing torch, and my brothers G.P.O tools in my parents garage I made my first gold signet ring at the age of 16 using cuttlebone  (old egyptian technique) and some old sentimental jewellery (borrowed from my Mum) which my brother proudly wore as his wedding ring, having first experimented and tried a dozen or more times using (wait for it) mums silver spoons, "SORRY MUM" we also made lots of ashtrays from her records and fruit bowls from her Beatles albums ! If you remember the original Coca-Cola neon sign in Piccadilly, my father made most of it. 

My early experiences were of making mainly silver signet rings in my fathers garage, now due to high gold prices I am once again producing silver signet rings along with 9ct & 18ct gold and my latest experience is learning and using futuristic laser engraving technology. No sonic screwdriver yet !

Hence I have gone "Back to the future" hence the Delorean name from the Delorean car in the films, now proudly part of my family emblem.

 I have continued casting one signet ring at a time therefore providing an option of using your own gold for signet rings hence oldsentimental.co.uk is another url you may have come across which is linked to a page within this website offering the service, also jewelleryhandmade.com

Joking aside, aged  60 , called Vivian & now having Arthritis my wife calls me Victor Meldrew, I tend to make light of things but I do take my work seriously!  Thanks to modern technology I could  tavel to work on a hover board as it is so close to home, but as they catch fire I will not be.

" I ONLY WORK WHEN THE SUN DON'T SHINE " Please note neither The Tardis nor the Delorean are operational, so allow adequate time !

Long gone are the days when I needed to work 6 days a week or 10 hour days, now semi retired " I work to live, I DO NOT live to work "

Please DO NOT ASK TO COME TO MY WORKSHOP , the answer will be no, and NO often offends !

Under no circumstances what so ever will  I  ever allow clients to come to my workshop, it would not be safe , I don't work with an audience , and I am not giving away my trade secrets , If however someon would like to pay me £150,000.00 for my business they will receive all my machinery , master patterns and moulds, a small amount of stock , and 3 months training after payment has cleared in my bank & their workshop is set up.

You will also receive all of the graphics, and project files along with my engraving machine , thousands of hours of programming , you will have an instant collection of stock designs , crest's, Coats Of Arms and Masonic symbols on its own a valuable asset for any jewellery business.


  • 3 years at Fred Manshaw in Saffron Hill Hatton Garden London EC1
  • 4 years managing a grumpy g.....s shop in Eastcote Middlesex
  • In 1985 I opened my first shop in South Harrow, 5 ft 9 3/4 inches wide, now a cab office !
  • From October 1988 till November 2012 my brother ran our Eastcote shop till retirement
  • 2008 set up Delorean Jewellery online, back working in a tiny workshop making what I began with, silver signet rings

Osteoarthritis has hindered me for many years, but because I love my work and the satisfaction that comes from customers comments and feedback I suspect I will continue for as long as my  hands will allow, except on sunny days when I will usually be found on my Narrowboat.


Commissioning a bespoke piece of jewellery with Viv is not a run-of-the-mill customer experience, but just to be clear, that is a big positive in my book.

If you want an overpriced trinket without having to wait for it, then of course you can be like everyone else and go to any of the high street chains. If you want to be made to feel "special" and receive some smarm, champagne and an eyewatering bill to go with it, go to Boodles. But if you want something truly special without the bull, or the big bill, Viv is the man.

From the start, Viv dispenses with the flannel and gives the sort of forthright advice that is a breath of fresh air. And the quality of the product is nothing short of excellent, even for the fussiest customer (me). So far Viv had made two superb rings for me, and is in the process of making me some bespoke, heavyweight cufflinks. The process takes a while - remember this is a truly bespoke, handmade product, not something mass produced in a sweatshop - but quality is worth waiting for.

Just to add, having seen a disgraceful review from a lady who had the sheer audacity to complain because Viv, quite understandably, was not prepared to provide a bespoke product until it was paid for - his business ethics and practice are impeccable.

100% recommended.

Adrian Sacco UK & Malta


The whole experience of getting a ring made by Viv has been a pleasure from start to finish. He has kept in touch throughout the process, offered advice/opinions when needed and kept me involved in finalising the design. And all of this during the busy Christmas period. I can't think of any way the contact and customer service could have been better.

Alex Darlington Kenilworth


Well what can I say! After getting several items of 18c gold to Viv from Australia, thanks Mum, Viv cast a wonderful 18x15 ring. Using the Vyvyan Coat of Arms, that's my middle name, Viv was able to engrave this very delicate image perfectly onto the ring. It really is hard to describe how intricate the work is without holding it in your hand. I could not find anyone in Australia that made signet rings using Viv's method let alone doing it using once loved but now unused gold. Exceptional service, honest and realistic advice and not bad for a laugh on the phone either. I can not thank you or recommend you enough.
                                                                                                                                                                                                David Mc Connel Australia

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  • 2014 NEW Yag Fiber Galvo Engraver
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